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our history


Fonded 20 years ago by a group of fellow MIT graduates, this company has always been about one thing and one thing only - achieving the impossible and playing with the technology to make it shine!


With hundreds of apps for iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux and other platforms developed over the years, we've even been old enough to do some Symbian OS apps, if you remember what that thing was anyways...


With timing and affordable pricing, on par with solid Quality Assurance and project management being our front and center priorities, we've always had great relationships with all of our clients!

Windows Applications


With Windows being the most popular desktop (and in a close race in the tablets market) operating system in the world, it's imperative for a software development company to...

Database Management


Working with your website's or your application's backend architecture is just as important as making sure that the wheelbase of your car is ok, before driving it.

UX and Design


As both the websites, desktop applications and mobile websites now offering more functionality to end users, that they can either need or apprehend, the UI/UX became..

iOS/MacOS Apps


The world of iOS and MacOS applications is front and center of the most of our projects. Basically, working on crafting apps that run on Apple devices is the...

QA & Testing


With even the smallest application (whatever the platform) or a web service having thousands of lines of codes and involving hundreds of algorithms in order to work...

Android Applications


Mobile devices are by far the most dynamic of all enterprise platforms in IT, with custom software development companies like us crafting, coding, designing and..

recent news

Never Give Up on Your Code


With so many coding languages (and even some coding dialects) in use all across the board these days, receiving a harsh critique of your lines is a thing of routine... 

Code Optimization


More often than not, when a professional coder takes on the project, it does not necessarily mean that he or she will be providing any further support for it. Still, as sometimes the project requires due dligence and maintenance...

Nvidia's Cuda is Amazing!

While there are literally hundreds of programming languages and its dialects, some of them are older, some of them are newer and some of them are more prominent than the others. 

The Power of the Coding Community


I've always been saying that out of all professions, being a coder gives you a true blessing of having a huge, worldwide and a vibrant community for help, guidance and research.